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I may have been confused a little because beginning shows him entering a cave but after watching again, seems to connect to a larger opening. That being said, I noticed a few things which made me interested in the first place. As interpreter comments, the cuts are fairly fine - some sort of tool seems to be clear because of uniform cut width but doesn't really fit saw profile throughout as some cuts are curved. If argument is that a chisel was used...where are the chisel marks on the back wall (any wall for that matter) where the block was removed. Why would they go to the trouble of smoothing out all the walls rather than what we see in a modern quarry as seen in this vid?

This was underground so ...anyone able to show me the actual machinery Stalin's group used to create this? I fully realize that this rock isn't all that hard but this underground quarry doesn't have the same marks as the other quarry...why quarry this with handheld tools when it's so much easier to open mine with large machinery that is also able to be moved/carried with machinery? I think that's why they showed the tool marks/method of cut signature from the abandoned quarry - they don't match = different tools for sure - both in the fine cuts as well as the larger 'Petraesque' extractions. Two different types of large machinery. Another thing that came to mind is that the large scale removal of stone, in the Petra syle I'm referring to, is that the remval doesn't seem to be practical in the way it was done - wasteful comes to mind. Anyway...we have 2 different types of machining evident, in my view. Very confusing is to realize that, at the 27:40 min mark, they didn't leave a readily accessible opening with which to remove all of this stone. Wheelbarrows? For all the rock opening for this heavy equipment to even drive in there?

Even if I'm totally wrong ie: ya, Stalin or someone else in modern times did this work...I couldn't help but notice that there were similar hillside abodes on the bluff opposite where this quarry is located. It struck me last night, after watching this vid: [] (of if want to listen to an expert on same...this vid: [] ... that there really isn't an explanation for how the Serapeum boxes were moved into those confined tunnels and then lowered into place. I realize is a change of subject but it's probably the best example of a truly perplexing mystery.

...sorry, can't fit enough people in to budge these boxes let alone drop them perfectly into their cubbyhole. One can believe otherwise...because they are there so must of have possible sort of idea, but I really have my doubts as to whether we could move them today without creating specialized heavy duty machinery - and certainly not made with wood or ropes. Whatever they were moved in on, if rollers comes to mind, would still be there because there is no way to lift those boxes in order to remove them.


Yes, I watched the vid about rocks being alive or 'mushrooms'...don't agree with the narrator on conclusion with that vid but doesn't mean that we then throw out everything seen beforehand. Maybe it's nothing or maybe there is some sort of crystalline growth sort of answer there. ...doesn't interest me at all.

I did notice that there were large square chunks cut out of the Cliffside on opposing bluff - the same side as the underground 'city'...this could certainly be modern (I think likely) so why dig Petra style when so much easier to cut from topside?

If you can answer how the Serapeum boxes were situated & carved as per Dunn's measurements...I'll really be impressed. ;)

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