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Corpuscles Wrote:

> They do not ask anyone to solve it for them.

Why aren't they studying this for themselves then? Why did it take 48 years to do muon testing in G1 and over 75 years to use infrared photography? Why aren't they doing the extensive testing of these sites so the data to solve the mysteries will be common knowledge?

> Egyptology would cease to be, if the textbooks or
> study concluded we have no longer any framework
> or anything solid but here's a list of a hundred
> different unsubstantiated un-evidenced wild
> guesses by anonymous 'looney tunes' on the

So how is it better that no such framework ever existed?

> "They" can only work with what they have found.
> Not wild fantasies.

See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil.

Meanwhile we can sit at the crown of creation marveling at ancient superstition, barbarism, and primitiveness.

> Well, you claim to be the only one on the planet
> with the special knowledge, so get on with it.

Not really. I'm just the only one with two metaphysics (one modeled) and two sciences. I don't claim expertise in any of them.

Man fears the pyramid, time fears man.

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