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I'm at the 9 min mark of this video and there is clear evidence of high tech involved. If pressed for time, skip to about the 6 min mark as this was the point where the evidence is revealed. Is it just too fantastic to accept that this couldn't have been done with the primitive hammer/chisel method and or sand abrasive crap that is frequently offered as an explanation? What is odd is that the cave entrance is smaller than the stone blocks that were, seemingly, cut from the bedrock.

We have bosses all over the world and the same with these sorts of cuts (Puma Punku etc.) but yet people and their Orthodoxies...just can't let go and accept a far different, likely, reality.

Hey OK and NK' did they cut all that granite with copper and sand again? Really believe that remains the truth/answer? I've been all over the world, with my keyboard, and think it ridiculous to believe that the pyramids and Sacsayhuaman's of the world are anything but the remnants of a lost, advanced, civilization. Intellectually ...ridiculous considering the available evidence let alone the 'impossible' application of copper/bronze as the tools for completing these tasks.

You may be nice, well intentioned people...but very far off target. No wonder no flak...easy to be part of the herd so to speak.

This work was easy.

edit to add...the anti-gravity tech at the 13 min mark is interesting.

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