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Hi Everyone. I'm new here, and a fan of Graham and Robert Bauval et al. I am learning a software called Stellarium which I think is the same one that Robert Bauval used to prove the Leo/Sphynx/Solstice sunrise at 9,500 years BCE. The more I use this software the better it gets. It's so interesting and I'm starting to feel much more familiar with the movement of our planetary bodies in relation to Earth and the sun, and the constellations. Highly recommend downloading.

Anyway, what I would like to know is if there is an accurate topographical download in terms of the horizon line in any given location on the planet. In this instance I want to see the cosmos from the point of view of the Sphynx or the top of the Great Pyramid. Then I can get a retentively good look at the exact time Leo is fully view-able from the Sphynx or Great pyramid on 21/06/9,500BCE sunrise.

Thanks in advance, and thanks to Graham for helping to tear down the walls of ignorance and deceit.

Peace and light!

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