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Is it possible that Gobekli Tepe has relation to south america? I remember reading Fingerprints of the Gods when I was little, and I remember a circle of animal carvings buried in sand with prehistoric animals. This memory was so clear that when Gobekli was uncovered I thought it was the one in South America. But now I cannot find anything about it. Does any one have any information on this?
I looked into Tiahuanaco, and though it was not as I remember from my reading, some of the standing stones and carvings remind me of Gobekli. Just not buried.
I just remembered a Zodiac of carved animals buried in sand in South America, and It has been driving me crazy.
Since more of Gobekli has been uncovered though, i think a lot of the images remind me of the ancient carvings in South America.
Is there a possible connection?

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