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Hi Thinkitover

In my copy of I E S Edwards he gives 356.5 feet for the base of the 3rd pyr. my copy p141. I have published something on this and suggested the base is 356.4 feet a combination of the numbers 3456.

The reason for that is you can double a cube with a base of 356.4 imperial feet exactly into the shape of the great pyramid.

And it is not necessary to have even numbers of royal cubits in the base of a pyramid as the people who conceived the designs for the pyramids were the genius of their time. They incorporated all the geometry and math and astronomy they could into the design of the pyramids.

And yes IMO the imperial system of measure is a part of an ancient system which was also metric. Best system ever invented.

The Royal cubit slightly longer than a normal cubit 1 1/2 feet consisting of 24 digits = 19.8 inches however the royal cubit is slightly longer and consists of 25 digits = 20.625 inches


Best and good luck with your research.


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