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Not true. From the origin of the universe (big bang), to the origin of the moon (big collision), to the origin of lunar craters (meteor strikes), to the demise of the dinosaurs (asteroid impact), to the numerous sudden downfalls of civilizations documented by Jared Diamond in his 2005 book Collapse, catastrophism is alive and well in mainstream science. The real magicians are the scientists who have worked this all out.

Not one decent reference to the impact items . .

How about:
1. Steady state
2. Insertion . . Perfect orbit, too large for Earth capture
3. Some craters are radioactive, show blast configurations
4. Dino extinction is ok . .
5.Yes, Earth has a terribly checkered past . . However, as we begin to broach the Russian megaliths, and the legends to go with, I predict there will be far more evidence for Graham's position.

From protosanscript of Kamyana Mohyla (Stone Grave) Historical Reserve in Ukraine ...

To the (?) Launch towers (?) Which were leaking nuclear radiation . . Which Google does not have, but which was a (?)PBS documentary of fellows packing in by horseback, to some hinterland Russian River System, along which were towers, which rose out of the ground and sank back into the ground, but were very radioactive. There was speculation they were an ancient defensive military installation, but the explorers found nothing for all their work.

And spherical stones of large size.

There is India, also, which offeres the Sarasvati River Culture 9K years back, making electrum and high spin elements at room temperatures. Ancients understood high spin, gravity cancellation, etc . . . But had to hide it from the uncivil people who would not have used such knowledge wisely. Happy are the Maya that their Jaguar Priests acted to preserve their knowledge.

The armchair critic simply leaves one cold, but there really is much yet to put together.
I don't think this is any kind of issue, just someone attaching his name to Grahan's in a dumb article.

If I say Gobekli makes me think of Thor's Hammer, will I collect negative concensus points?

Breath is the courser and
Mind is the rider.

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