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Possibly more than 9000 years old, perched on ancient lava domes, and dubbed 'the Works of the Old Men' by the Bedouin.


Hundreds of mysterious structures have been discovered on ancient lava domes in Saudi Arabia by an archaeologist using Google Earth.

David Kennedy discovered around 400 stone walls that could be more than 9,000 years old in the western Harrat Khaybar region of the country.

These walls are similar in structure to others found around the Middle East that have been dubbed “gates”, due to their resemblance to barred gates when seen from above.

Similar structures have been found elsewhere in the Middle East. What really differentiates these 'gates' is their relative size.

the structures found by Mr Kennedy are unlike any before them. Varying greatly in size, the longest measures more than half a kilometre, while the shortest is just 13 metres. And the space between gates varies from miles apart to “almost touching”.




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