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I wrote the below bit in response to one of your videos wherein you wonder how the same DNA groupsings ended up so widely seperated.

No. It's only wierd when you don't understand where the two groups came from originally. The indigo race which is in Australia and the reds of north America both were close neighbors in western Asia long before they began to migrate. Their places of origin approximate the areas between the ancient Caspian shorelines and the mountains and hill countries of present day Pakistan and western India. That is the reason Denisovian DNA is found in those two now widely separated groups. DNA studies are only accurate if we make the correct assumptions when filling in the blanks. Humanity did NOT originate in Africa. It only seems that way because much of that continent is very stable thus keeping it's records better than other parts of the world. The red race began it's movement to the Americas more than 80 thousand years ago. At about that same time the indigo race began it's migration eastward. They both ended up where they are today.

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