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Thunderbird Wrote:
> []
> ments/
> LOL. ...Six degrees of Kevin Bacon!
> The Sphinx riddle in the Movie God's of Egypt
> was.....Tomorrow!.
> The Sphinx is way way older than Dynastic
> Egypt!....maƱana.. ..The Sphinx says see ya later
> : )
> Jewish Archaeologists rip the lid off the Faux
> Bible /Old Testament - Hebrew Author of History
> con.
> Egyptology and Israeli Historian authentic time
> stamp.
> Help me Obi-Wan Kenobi...... ..your my only hope
> : )

Not sure what you are trying to say as it relates to the OP, but what comes to mind for me is that the period of c. 2300BC ties in closely with the pyramid texts, an oddity of their own, and on the other end of the c. 2300BC chronological spectrum the curious Sphinx revivalism of the beginning of the MK c. 2000BC which also sees the apparent sudden appearance, at least in writing, of complex mathematics. I have always been of the mind that there was a foreign connection, particularly with the latter, and that the Hyksos in fact were the Canaanites whose influence actually began much earlier being responsible for this change at the beginning of the MK.

The Bible tells how Abraham came to Egypt from Canaan which Jewish tradition holds he was born 1813BC which coincides with this general period as well. Given these dates are fluid which no one really knows exactly when these events occurred, I have to wonder if in fact they are all more closely related in time than thought.

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