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Origyptian Wrote:

> Such block geometry has been referred to as
> "symbolic", while others simply avoid any
> discussion of the purpose of such complex shapes.
> We cannot ignore the real possibility that there
> is a key functional reason those blocks are shaped
> that way. I defy anyone to explain why a late
> Stone Age copper-rock-wood-rope-water culture
> would do something like that or even how they
> would be able to conceive of geometry like
> that let alone have the capability of actually
> accomplishing it.


The posted images are early work. As the passageway progresses the enigma becomes even more.. Well, enigmatic!
I try to ignore what I'm looking at for now and just getting on with measuring and drawing.
Although I can't help but wonder why any construction authority would build in that way, and specifically only in that location within the structure.
Notwithstanding the design, mensuration, and mensuration transfer instrumentation that would have been required to provide the precision, multi faceted block face inter-fit.
To conceive the result of a process one first has to have the means to fully execute that process.
I don't know how this could have been even been conceived of with what we see in the archaeological record.

I'm sure that it's not structural. In fact just the opposite, if anything it compromises the structure.
Geometrically and in terms of precision it's definitely on a par with anything that I've seen in the Americas.

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