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G Day Kevin

After studying first hand the Pyramid Petrie came up with some theories on the base of the Pyramid.


You may notice at the top of Petrie's list is an earth measure however at that time exact earth measures were not available. I have pointed out that in fact the perimeter of the casing base of the pyramid is exactly to 1 1/2 minute of 1 degree of Latitude at the equator.

In April 1995 I began publishing 'The Great Pyramid And Time An Eight Part Series' in a small math journal 'Tenrag' founder by Garnet J.Greenbury.

In part 2 "At the Equator one Degree of Latitude equals 110,574 metres or 68.7 miles. one degree of Longitude equals 111,328.8 metres or 69.17 miles (approx.)'

So the way it works 68.7 miles / 60 minutes = 1.145 miles 6,045.6 imp feet / 2 = 3,022.8 feet / 4 = 755.7 feet 9,068.4 inches. Note that Flinders Petrie gives 9068.8 inches.

I was slightly out and after going along to our government dept of lands and met with a couple of surveyors who knew the publisher of the math journal G Greenbury they gave me an exact figure for a 1/2 minute of latitude at the equator which I then published 3023.12 feet or 921.45 metres.

The best estimate for the pyramid casing base is given by J. Cole "The Exact Size and Orientation of the Great Pyramid". Cole gives the perimeter of the pyramid 3023.13 imp feet 921.453 metres.

So The perimeter of the GP IS an Earth measure and it is a fact that cannot be disputed.

Nice to have you pushing for new ideas.


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