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Origyptian Wrote:
> They don't consider
> that perhaps the human brain evolved merely to
> help us survive maybe within maybe a radius of a
> few hundred yards of our GPS location.

I'm reminded of a trip I took to Oleno State Park in Florida. I wanted a closer look at the place the river flowed back underground and was contemplating jumping off the boardwalk onto a log and down to the river. A man walked up next to me and said "beautiful specimen isn't it". I had no idea what the referent was and his constant repetition was about to propel me to begin the very short journey to the water since I was beginning to think he was some sort of prevert or another. This was when he directed my attention to the log I wanted to jump on to. Turns out it was about a 12' alligator rather than an actual log and a beautiful specimen at that. I guess its presence was why everyone else was on the far side of the boardwalk and even the conversationalist was hanging back just a little.

Now when in Rome I plan to do just as the people from Roma do. I'll still not be able to find Turin without asking.

> Mary Cooper: Interesting. You can believe that,
> but God filling an ark with animals two-by-two is
> nonsense.

> Sheldon Cooper: What did they feed the lions,
> Mother?

> Mary Cooper: The floating bodies of drowned
> sinners, of course.

Mary Cooper may not be very wise or very smart but she's much wiser and smarter than Sheldon.

> "Dinosaur fossils were invented by Satan as a
> decoy to fool and confuse mankind".

> "An iron (barely rusted) hammer with
> wood (not petrified) handle was
> found partially trapped within a 400 million year
> old rock."

> The Great Pyramid was designed to be a royal
> tomb, and after the royal funeral the Granite
> Plugs were slid down the Ascending Passage to
> block further entrance to the upper structure.

> And many of these things take centuries before
> they're recognized as the folly that they are.
> In my opinion.

Led me add that the belief that people are smarter than animals or even that such a thing as intelligence exists is just another illusion caused by our poor perspective on reality. We think we know everything but even in aggregate we know nearly nothing at all. But Egyptologists and the unwary are blind to the reality and to the dangers. We thrive because we command the environment nd we only command the environment because centuries of science and scholarship have made it possible. These centuries of science we've expended would not have been possible without the technology generated by ancient science which most can't even see necessarily existed.

Man fears the pyramid, time fears man.

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