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Origyptian Wrote:

> I wouldn’t say “evidence is available
> beyond any reasonable doubt supporting an
> antediluvian civilization being the builders of
> the pyramids”,
but I’d say there is a
> preponderance of evidence supporting that notion
> over the notion of a Dynastic origin. In fact, I
> don’t see evidence at all that provides a
> compelling argument for a Dynastic origin in the
> first place.

How ironic is it that I believe "antediluvian" is simply another confusion and superstition of modern man; homo omnisciencis? When the first modern language speakers heard about the "flood" they looked around and saw there was no flood so assumed that a flood had occurred in the past and went away. The "flood" wasn't an event. It was a condition that existed in numerous places. Around the time this condition quit in Egypt the language changed and there was no means to record it in modern language. Any means that had existed simply became confused. Even Horapollo said ancient people believed water sprayed from the earth.

If Manetho's writings hadn't been lost this would probably be a far different world but his writing and the invention of modern science were mutually exclusive on some levels, perhaps.

How ironic that even writing as recent as Manetho is lost nearly in its entirety but people just don't seem to notice the only writing from early written language is the Pyramid Texts.

Man fears the pyramid, time fears man.

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