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Sirfiroth Wrote:

> Truer words were never spoken! Insistence and
> persistent repetition of opinions mean nothing.
> Without a clear understanding along with actual
> evidence, one is only voicing an assumption by
> saying the pyramids were built by an ancient
> culture other than the Ancient Egyptians.
> Maybe I should ask, if a better use of time would
> be to engage in some actual investigative work
> instead of hopping whatever band wagon, supporting
> your beliefs, happens to be passing by. Maybe
> producing some real evidence, other than just a
> say so, supporting ones beliefs? Merely voicing
> unsupported opinions does not equate to actual
> research for the truth. History has demonstrated a
> truth found in both mainstream and alternative
> theories, erroneous opinions repeated often enough
> have the bad habit of becoming fact in the mind of
> the opinion holders?
> Which brings us to the next question: What

And here we have the problem. We're all being starved for information by Egyptology who believes they own the sandbox and won't let anyone else play in it. They're too busy parsing words and doing "linguistics" to bother with doing much science. When they finally do do some science as with the current study they are loathe to publish any results.

We are left to make best fit guesses with reconstructing the pyramids and deconstructing the science and math.

Man fears the pyramid, time fears man.

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