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Origyptian Wrote:

> Another possibility is that we are
> the ones who lack the understanding of the means,
> ability, and knowledge to use their
> ancient scientific techniques.

I'm sure our science based on experiment and observation would look just as alien to them as their science based on logic and observation looks to us. We might have a harder time coming to understand their science than they would have with ours.

> And to be clear, by "ancient" I am not referring
> to the Dynastics, I'm referring to the original
> builders who I believe did that stonework far
> earlier than the Dynastics. I believe the written
> "historic record" only scratches the surface of
> intelligent engineering on this planet.
> Meanwhile, I believe there's a distinct
> possibility that whoever wrote those documents in
> early/pre-Dynastic times (Pyr Texts, Book'o'Dead,
> etc.) were not the creators of that
> stonework, but rather they wrote those texts long
> after the stonework was done, and those writings
> are simply their attempt to make some sense of the
> legends that were already ancient in their day.
> At least that's one way to reconcile the apparent
> conundrum.

I strongly agree but I believe I've found the science and math that built the pyramids right in the words of the Dynastics.

Man fears the pyramid, time fears man.

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