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I think i remember seeing it said that the 300 years was lopped off because of dynasty overlaps. (Though i personally think/feel that it shows more casualness than that.)

Josephus said Menes was 1300 yrs before Shishak (c 1000/900s bc).
Herodotus said Menes was (1)1340 yrs before Seti.
These mean that Seti was ca 1000/900s bc, and Menes was not earlier than 2300s bc.

Khufu/Cheops seems to match Jacob.
Herodotus confirms that shepherd "Philitis" dwelt at Giza in 4th dynasty.
There are many evidences that Joseph was 3rd-4th dynasty.
These mean that the 4th dynasty was ca 1800s bc.

The problem with them always placing more value on only purely physical dating methods (radiometric, astronomical, rain erosion, etc) is that they fail to recognise that things have not always been the same slow steady unformitarian rates as in modern times.
Carbon dating is unreliable eg "Sekhemhet complex material dates 600 yrs older than orthodox Egyptology ascribed date for Sekhemhet" (which is also 600 yrs older than his true date contemporary with Joseph of Genesis).
I saw it claimed that Cambride Ancient History gave evidence that it was cooler and wetter in Old Kingdom. Mohenjo-daro also was cooler and wetter.

There are many evidences that the orthodox ascribed dates are wrong, but they refuse to budge until/unless forced by someone able enough (or else they cleverly eventually change and claim credit themselves). Date for 1st dynasty has constantly changed and gotten less and less. (Ranged from 5000 yrs bc to now 3000 bc of Shaw. It was 3400 then suddenly reduced to 3100, or Clayton's 3050, and now to 3000 (Shaw).) Sources like Clayton say OK dates may still be couple/few hundred years out. This shows how unconcrete their dates really are (despite them always making out that they are supposedly superior academic views).
Orthodox modern academic Egyptian ascribed dates have no basis accept for the old Sothaic dates. They have no Sothaic date for the Old Kingdom. The Sothaic dating is now admitted to be problematic, yet they have kept the dates. Sothaic dates for 12th and 18th dynasty are contradicted by new discoveries that Moses was certainly end of 12th dynasty and Solomon was 18th dynasty. Herodotus said Moeris (12th dyn) was only 900 years before [Amasis 2].

The problem with orthodox "consensus" is that they fail to give fair consideration and acknowledgement of the work and contributions of people who show evidences, and the reigning assertions rule.

Quote from my Shishak article in allempires forum :

The ancient Egyptian beginning date ranges from 36525 yrs bc, to 11542 yrs bc, to 3000 bc, and/or Menes (1st dyn) date has ranged from 11340 yrs bc (Herodotus) to 5867 bc (Champollion) to 3400 (Breasted) to 2300 bc (Josephus/Bristowe) to 2254-2192/2224 bc (Palmer/Hoeh) to 946 bc (Newton)!
Some decades ago they said "recently the date has been pushed back again" and Menes was dated at 3400 bc (Breatsed), and then a few years/decades later they suddenly revised it to 3100 bc, and since then it has now been revised to 3000 bc (Shaw/Wiki). .... Some older sources said Menes was now considered to date to 2900 bc according to "newest research".

Zoser's/Djoser's (3rd dyn) date has ranged from 4900s/4700s bc to 3712/3700 bc to 2900s to c2600s bc.

Khufu/Cheops (4th dyn) reign length ranges from
63 yrs Manetho, to
50 yrs Herodotus, to
"46 yrs" one modern orthodox theory (of cattle-count?) to
34 yrs Great Pyramid inscription (biennial cattle-count) to
26/27 yrs Dakhla inscription (bienniel cattle-count) to
23 yrs Turin King List, to
17 yrs Great Pyramid inscription (taken verbatim) [matching Jacob in Genesis], to
14 yrs Dakhla inscription (taken verbatim).

SIP/Hyksos period length has ranged from 1660 yrs to 400 yrs to 200 yrs to 108/103 yrs (refs SS VanDine, I Velikovsky, etc).

The biblical creation date has ranged from 46,026 bce (NWT), to 20000 bc (bunsen), 12500 bc (crawford), 11013 bc (camping), to 10000 yrs bp/bc (creationists), nearly 7000 yrs / 6984/6484 [bc] (alphonsus), to 5411/5503 bc (Hales/Septuagint/Alexandrian) to 4004 bc (Ussher) to 3761 bc (Jewish).
Abram's/Abraham's date ranges from 2300 bc (Moslem/Arab) to 2000s bc (Thiele?) to 1900s bc (Oxford/orthodox/conventional).
Moses date has ranged from 1690/1662/1652 bc (Mercatante) to 1512 bc (NWT) to 1580/1572 bc - 1491/1440 bc - 1335/1314/1300 bc (Brugsch/Mahler) to 1280/1276/1215 bc (Price/conventional)!
The conventional "1276 bc" date (of "Moses" and of "19th dynasty") contradicts the biblical date of 480 yrs before Solomon (1000s/900s bc).

Tacitus said there had only been 4 phoenix appearances in Egyptian history. The length of phoenix life has ranged from 1700 yrs (various opinoins) to 1500 (Lepsius) to 1460 yrs (Poole) to 660 yrs to 500 yrs (Tacitus) to 400 yrs to 250 yrs (various opinions).

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