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Hello All!


I recently got engaged with this research, based on Grahama and Randalls work and podcast on Joe Rogans. One aspect i haev a question on, and apologize if i missed hte explanation on it

When the "massive flood and fires" occurred in NorthAmerica, it has been repeated (and clearly visible) anything that would have been hit by a 1000 foot flood and the fires, would not leave much behind in regards to human structure... however, as i would assume, not ALL of northamerica would have been exposed to "100%" affect...some perhaps 30%? ....5%? would there be any areas in NorthAmerican to "search" for reminments of history.

Stupid example: Could the areas near water in Texas, have been less impacted thus possible for finding a "gobekli tepe" type location ( AKA:: civilized structure...etc)

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