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Diodorus Siculus, the Greek historian described a trip from the Pillars of Herakles to the island of Ibiza next to Spain and said it takes three days to voyage by boat from the Pillars of Herakles to Ibiza. If the Pillars of Herakles were in Gibraltar, south of Spain, it would take only twelve hours. This shows that the Pillars of Herakles were not in Gibraltar, but in the vicinity of Sicily.
Cayce said that Atlantis was destroyed three times and every time it was relocated. The last one was in the heart of the Mediterranean. Cayce said that Atlanteans fled to the Pyrenees and Egypt. This fits with a center location next to Sicily.
When you read Plato's text he never mentioned a naval battle but a battle on land. The Hamazans(all women, aka amazon)from lake tritonis in Libya fought the Atlanteans.
Atlantis must have been at the edge of the European and African tectonic plate and got submerged.
There is more to the story but the truth is unsettling. There are strong links with the Dogons.
You can read it all in Moira Lescuyer research novel: Atlantis and the legendary blue queen.

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