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Ganesha was the God of wisdom. He was called the Elephant Man, riding on a rat. There is three types of sculptures of him. 1. With elephant head. 2. With elephant face. 3. As an astronaut.(diver, fireman?)
He is often displayd with a box in his arms, or on his back, and With an Elephant trunk. I think this is what happened; Ganesha (a God)came to Earth. He had some kind of oxygen tank, (the Box)and the trunk (flexible)was the hose for breathing. People that saw him, compared the flexible hose With an elephant trunk. Thus, in posterity; "The elephant man".
My point: In about 1995, me and my wife came to St. Petersburg in Russia, and of course we went to the Eremitage, including Winter-Palace. While roaming around, my eyes suddenly fell of a sculpture that I immediately defined as Ganesha. Going closer up, it was confirmed. He was SO DEFINATELY, OBVIOUS looking like an astronaut. It was catchy. For some reason I did not get any Picture. In posterity I have tried to get in contact With the museum without any Luck. Neither can I find any Picture from the sculpure on internet.
Is there anybody that have seen this sculpture? (Bust)Can you eventually colloborate?

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