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After finishing Magicians of the Gods and being utterly fascinated I decided to start the book again and within the first 20 minutes had a thought based on mounting of the human like monoliths. The book only points to the the central column being mounted in a shallow carved support and I assume but am not sure that the encircling monoliths are also mounted in this fashion. To get to the point Graham says that he as (at the time of writing) no ideas on why this would be, the first thought I had going over this section again was that These monoliths were mounted in this way to represent mankinds tentative foothold on this earth and the numerous depictions and carvings of animals speak of not only a reliance on nature and all it offers but more importantly the need to be at one with nature to thrive and prosper.
All thoughts welcome Thanks Dave

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Gobekli Tepe's monoliths 517 Dboydell 03-Aug-17 22:13

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