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Why does it have to be 'crustal shift' though? I'm struggling through the electric universe theory and I'm trying to find out what pole shift means through the prism of that concept. If I presume the planets position and motion is dictated by an electrical magnetism, then I imagine a pole shift is simply the earth wobbling as a result of some electromagnetic disturbance, (mysterious disturbance to be contemplated on some other post), out in the universe, and then returning to the same position and motion but with an axis of rotation that is realigned at a new position on the planet. No earth crust delamination from the core. Just reacquiring position and spin as is the equilibrium of electric and magnetic forces imposed on it from the interconnected electric and magnetic fields interacting throughout the universe, kinda thing.. but with a newly positoned axis as a result of the disturbance.

And with that scenario, the scale of the resulting cataclysm is of course dependent on how fast that disturbance happens. If we assume its fairly rapid, then you can easily imagine the 'slosh' effect of the oceans and global flooding. And as a result of such rapid shifting weight across the surface of the earth, it can also imply reactionary depression and rebounding of massive area's of the surface of the earth which could easily set off enormous volcanic activity. And volcanic activity of that scale might be hot enough to create similar proxies that might resemble what is being presently attributed to comet impact. Deep core heat kinda stuff maybe.

Also, if you imagine the original polar ice caps shifting rapidly to a new position, then the climactic scenario probably plays out with rapid freezing of area's in the new polar region, (mammoths rapidly frozen with grazing plants in their mouth), but also a dramatic drop in global temperatures as the newly shifted ice cap acts as a refrigerant chilling the more temperate regions for a period of time until its sufficiently melted away. Maybe this is what describes the hot-cold-hot of the younger dryas.

Initial hot being the pole shift sloshing water around and volcanic activity vaporizing it to contribute to the highest possible vapor content in the upper atmosphere, water vapor being the by far largest greenhouse gas contributor to global warming. But water vapor in high concentration in the atmosphere can't sustain itself aloft for ever and has to precipitate out back to normal levels once the dust settles from the activity that started it, at which point, the giant unmelted repositioned ice cap chills the earth for 1000 years - cold. This chilling effect slows the melting but eventually the ice melts away as an inevitable result of its position being closer to the equator and closer to the heat of the sun. And once those glaciers in the more temperate region are gone, there's now nothing stopping the earth from heating back up again at the end of the younger dryas - hot again.

And if that's not enough, and I consider the possibility that post universal electrical disturbance, the earth's new equilibrium may happen to have a different rotational speed which might affect the gravity on the surface, which then opens the door to past giants, and explains the large dinosaurs and giant plant life. yada yada.

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