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Decided to initiate a thread that deals with Hellenic isopsephy(gematria) relations that relate to mysteries - pyramids, ancient civilizations etc.

What is isopsephy?

Isopsephy is the Hellenic word for the practice of adding up the number values of the letters in a word to form a single number.


The first sample will deal with a much debated issue. Who built the pyramids?

We will express the phrase "The pyramids of Giza" in Greek, using the ancient Greek form.

Here we have the feminine plural article "AI". We also have the feminine plural form for pyramids as "PYRAMIDAI". 'Of' is as in modern Greek "THS"(tes). Finaly, Giza is a foreign name - word and does not change. The spelling is phonetic "GKIZA". We therefore compute the sum:

AI PYRAMIDAI THS GKIZA = (1+10) + (80+400+100+1+40+10+4+1+10) + (300+8+200) + (3+20+10+7+1) = 11 + 646 + 508 + 41 = 1206

In Greek EkSo means out and GH(Ge) means Earth, therefore EKsOGHINOS(Eksogeinos) means extra-terrestrial. The word is masculine. The word can also be used as an adjective, like in "extra-terrestrial" civilization.

We compute the isopsephy value of the word(the first O is an Omega):

EKsOGHINOS = 5+60+800+3+8+10+50+70+200 = 1206

Therefore the ancient Greek form of the phrase "The Pyramids of Giza" and the Greek word for "extra-terrestrial" have the same sum.

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