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I earlier posted in my thread; Mysterious Geographical Features of South Australia, only half joking, about the significance of Duck Head Rock Art:


I also suggested the Duck Head image might be some form if inter-galactic symbol of fertility – visible from distant galaxies!!!


My evidence for such an outrageous proposition is that the Chocolate Hills of Bohol in the Philippines form the pattern of a man with a duck on his head.

The Chocolate Hills are near perfect cone shaped mounds that cover an area of 50 square kilometres (20 sq mi) on the island of Bohol in the Philippines. They range in size from 30 to 50 metres (98 to 164 ft) with the highest being 120 metres (390 ft). Jean-Noël Salomon in A Mysterious Karst: The Chocolate Hills of Bohol (Philippines) claims the hills have been counted and they number 1,776. They are covered by a variety of grasses and ferns that turn a chocolate brown during the dry season - thus the name Chocolate Hills. Geologists say the hills were formed by the karstification of coral limestone that sits on top of hardened clay. The problem for this interpretation is that all the mounds have a near perfect symmetrical shape.

Chocolate Hills of Bohol - Philippines

In his article A Mysterious Karst: The Chocolate Hills of Bohol Jean-Noël Salomon provides an image showing the distribution of the Chocolate Hills. The layout takes the form of a walking man with a duck mounted atop a long neck.

Distribution of Chocolate Hills

Image from - A Mysterious Karst: The Chocolate Hills of Bohol (Philippines)

While acknowledging it is difficult to take this proposition seriously I have noted that the Island of Bohol is on the Robert Coon Male Great Dragon Energy Line.

Robert Coon’s Earth’s Chakras and Energy Grid showing the island of Bohol in the Philippines.

Map of the Philippines with Robert Coon’s Male Great Dragon Energy Line overlayed.

It is also interesting to note the Ferdinand Magellan landed in the Philippines on his 1519-1521 expedition - the first circumnavigation of the world.

Ferdinand Magellan

After passing through the Strait of Magellan he crossed the Pacific Ocean and arrived in Guam in 13th February 1521. From Guam he sailed to the island of Homonhon in the Philippines – and then landed at Cebu on 7th April 1521.

Magellan was killed by Lapu Lapu the Island of Mactan on 27th April 1521.

Magellan’s journey in the Philippines

Interesting – of all the places in the West pacific Magellan just happened to land here. Was he carrying some secret instructions from the Vatican?

NOTE: Ferdinand Magellan had not intended to circumnavigate the world – only to find a secure route to the Spice Islands. After his death Juan Sebastián Elcano, commanding the Victoria, decided to sail west via the Indian Ocean. Elcano arrived back in Spain on 6th September 1522 with 18 of the original crew. Approximately 232 sailors of various nationalities died on the expedition.

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