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I see this global socio as real,...via sea Migrations...along with Global evidence for
Giant races allong with megalithic building.
Mainstream history side is fighting this opinion, it opens the door to why cultural expression and language could exist globally.

Petrie and Col Howard Vyse were under pressure from the Church to make Egyptology findings conform to biblical Earth age doctrine.
Mainstream history with its Bering land bridge migration. ..the control to marginalize the obvious, which was Ocean navigation.

The Chinese Emperor fleets sailing out into the world is revealed by records. .
The Shang/Olmec culture synergy indicates trans oceanic Contact and trade were occuring.

The Pre Ice age near 400ft lower world Oceans would Manifest more Islands and archipelago
For then age sojourner to access shelter,food,water....follow routes*.

The import of an ancient world language or languages from the pre Ice age is possible.
Graham Hancock with Randal Carlson in 2016 interview reveal the devastation level of the Laurentide Ice sheet melt with rising world oceans.
Not much survives that in the physical, ...except megalithic Constructions. ...and Language : )

"Many great deluges have taken place during the nine thousand years, for that is the number of years which have elapsed since the time of which I am speaking; and during all of this time and through so many changes, there has never been any considerable accumulation of the soil coming down from the mountains, as in other places, but the earth has fallen away all round and sunk out of sight. The consequence is, that in comparison of what then was, there are remaining only the bones of the wasted body, as they may be called, as in the case of small islands, all the richer and softer parts of the soil having fallen away, and the mere skeleton of the land being left."Plato’s Critias (111b)[1], [Greek flood mythology/wiki]

Platos narrative is the truth IMO,...
Some can argue towards local/regional floods..
Certainly the Ocean level rise with the terrain wrecking Scars in North America which were meltwater/Tsunami of a scale our imagination is challenged to grasp...directs to Catastrophism.

Mythology of great Sages arriving by sea to teach the survivors. ..
This may be true...and here....They could be The keepers of Language and the Alchemical/Spiritual.

The Sky Wheel/Sailors wheel could be the Zodiac...which could be socio knowing from
Age of Virgo (13,000 - 10,800 BC )...then Leo and survivors of global catastrophe.
Gaia - Earth Mother may be socio ...from Age of Virgo.

T Bird

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