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In 1845 George Grey became governor of New Zealand and in 8 years learnt to speak to Maori in their own language, collected the history and mythology from the Chiefs and the priests. Published in 1885 'Polynesian Mythology and Ancient Traditional history of the New Zealand race as furnished by Their Priests and Chiefs' It is a classic as before Grey there was no such attempt he also printed it in Maori their own language a tremendous achievement.

In the chapter on the legend and emigration of Turi the ancestor of the Whangauni tribes he is told by the chiefs of the story of Rongo-rongo, Turi's wife overhearing Uenuku chanting a poem. Rongo-rongo then told her husband and hummed it to he Turi. Eventually convincing Turi to leave Hawaki for New Zealand. If anyone is able to research the Easter Island writing I would give this a go and study this poem to see if the metre is in any way similar to the inscriptions on a surviving tablet. As this is a famous poem and handed down for hundreds of years if we are lucky one tablet may contain it also.

Grey was very careful when he recorded these poems and tried to give meaning in English but keep the tempo and form. You will see the first 2 lines are repeated and that is where I would begin.

"Oh! let the tribes be summoned from the south,
Oh ! let the tribes be summoned from the north,
Let Ngati-Ruanui come in force;
Let Ngati-Rongotea's warriors too be there,
That we may all our foes destroy,
And sweep them utterly away,
Oh, they ate one far nobler than themselves."

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