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. . . Yikes! . . . Under the ice. . . Under the mountains. . .Under the coastline seas. . If only humankind could communicate in Cetacean frequencies and syntax. . . Where to begin. . . Personally, I believe the international treaty regarding the Antarctic mainland a feeble attempt at delaying exploration and for restricting knowledge about what’s there and in restricting answers to the six basic questions of inquiry about it. Sure there are teams that frequent certain claims to land parcels dedicated to field studies – the ones already cleared for access.

You’re probably right, though, that there’s been plenty of questions already raised, activities monitored, and more than sufficient curiosity over the last half century or more about that uniquely placed continent to just ignore. I reference your “fabricated structures,” for instance, and not those at McMurdo Station, of course. It seems anyone caught snooping and getting too close tends to beget stranger activities still. The type one just can’t point one’s finger to because extreme efforts have been adopted to deter and derail interests before the interested party is aware that they’re being closely observed. Have you looked over your shoulder lately? . . Heh. .Heh. It’s now a well established habit for me. Sure hope my habit doesn’t give me away to the others, inadvertently informing them that-I-know-they-know-I-know. . Heh. . Heh. . . Such games some people play under an elusive pretence for some concocted goal. Sure hope they don’t get lost during a 60 degree below month long blizzard on Antarctic ice. There are some things I like about winter, but the extremes on the continent at the south-pole requires some extreme preparations and getting use to. A volcanically heated water main strikes me as a little awkward as I’m not up on geothermal qualities of heated rock I can’t see.

There’s a field of exploration not well spoken of and that’s that area of electromagnetism as well as Earth’s magnetic field, to name a couple of high interest areas for research. The ‘South Atlantic Anomaly,’ for instance, has instigated questions about polaric changes – the polar flip phenomenon, or something. According to earlier Atlantic Ocean seafloor samples or those regarding the Atlantic Rift Valley separations and striations, they show periodic polar shifts that closely resemble striping’s with opposing magnetic signatures that have been going on for hundreds of thousands of years. I forget how many notable changes counted. It’s in a study somewhere. There’s a subsurface “blob,” for lack of any scientific term at the moment, under the southern Atlantic Ocean that’s shifting and expanding. Modern scientific knowledge does not have a comparison for that activity in a database, at least, not yet. There’s a few other things about that southern continent that instigate the curious. Your, What’s under the ice, for one? Or, Just how did Admiral Piri Reis acquire the right source maps to map the Antarctic coastline without ice when he did?

Like there’s not enough intrigue suggested about that icy southern continent, I believe I’ve found three areas to check for that floating hypothesis known as “crustal-shift.” Antarctic Peninsula area is one of those three – I’m not prepared to elaborate in great detail or on the other two just yet as there may be another fourth area using another means of identifying certain aspects of shift, but don’t have access to it – I’m not privileged enough. The ole permissions and permits thing laced with secrecy issues and land and water rights. (Bummer)

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