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Seawater, or salt water, is water from a sea or ocean. On average, seawater in the world's oceans has a salinity of about 3.5% (35 g/L, or 0.600 M) This means that every kilogram (roughly one litre by volume) of seawater has approximately 35 grams (1.2 oz) of dissolved salts.

The Dead Sea is 304 m (997 ft) deep, the deepest hypersaline lake in the world. With 34.2% salinity (in 2011), it is 9.6 times as salty as the ocean, and one of the world's saltiest bodies of water.

So glacial melt-water run-off to the oceans causing dramatic rises in sea level of 120m in the last 20,000 years.

So I was curious about a tangent consequence, the change in salinity that occurred and how the oceans themselves were different from they are today both in terms of buoyancy and the effects on ship stability.
The assumption I would be making today is that 13,000 years ago, the oceans were somewhere in-between their current salinity and the more saline Dead Sea.

Ultimately, I am considering that engineering an ocean faring vessel at that time period would have required a lesser standard. Vessels that would not "work" today, may have worked then due to the increased buoyancy owing to the increased salinity. It might have been a little easier to float a trade vessel or may have been alot easier. This would also have consideration with materials used for vessel construction.

I am no good at the math for what is needed.

Open for both technical and general discussion - all comments welcome.

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