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Thank you for your input T-Bird. Of course it is hard for alternative earth history models to compete when the federal governemnt is funding the main stream project and the "peers" that review it. As for mapping continental drift over the past 3 billion years, as they say, garbage in, garbage out (or in the case of a T-Bird, garage in, garage out) and it all depends on the assumptions and details. For example, it is obvious the 3 billion year project started with when? The present day! So while it was developed running backwards from a known configuration, it is presented on Youtube running forwards. hmm, how awe inspiring for the little people. This seems a little misleading to me though. How about developing a model that starts say 60 million years ago, based on an assumed configuration, and then running it forwards using the same or similar scientific approach? Maybe base the initial condition on an alternative model or assumption, like Spain in Mexico or an expanding earth. Incorporate theories on the plates compatible with the assumptions and see where you end up. Hey if the science behind it is solid it shouldn't make a difference, should it? I can bet you that would not get governent funding!

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