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ok, I've completed the basic Graham Hancock primer videos on Youtube. I have one big question that seems to underpin a lot of his themes as to pre-flood history. How solid is our theory of Continental Drift in terms of where the puzzle pieces fit? For example, I look at Spain on the map. It looks like it would have fit nicely into the Gulf of Mexico, but renderings of Pangea that I have seen, starting with Vegner, don't really show anything fitting into the Gulf, rather it just awkwardly abuts the northern coast of South America. This gets me to wondering. What if Spain came from the Gulf of Mexico before the continents split up. Is there any scientific evidence to support this? Is it possible that the Library in Alexandria may have had maps of the supercontinents and where things were believed to fit? Is it possible that Columbus had such a map and that's why he went there, or maybe Queen Isabella noticed what I noticed on the map the way Spain seems to fit in the Gulf? You also look at the Yukitan and Central America. It looks like it could have fit in the Mediterranean if North America swung out clockwise a bit when it separated. This would put the Aztecs about where Egypt was!! Graham, please help me on this!!

John in Davis

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