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Roger Wrote:

> We tend to assume that the Romans were
> the first modernisers. Is it possible that the
> Romans were influenced by pre-existing systems in
> Italy?

I think the Greeks carried out some earlier forms of larger-scale lanscape survey, didn't they -
as suggested in this example from Corinth. But Italy I'm not sure about ... (There doesn't seem to be any mention of coaxial field systems in the Tavoliere, for example ... )

> By the way, do you think that the Dartmoor long
> reaves make sense as boundaries?

I'm afraid I don't really know enough about the subject to have an opinion! As you'll probably recall, according to Fleming (1988:62, 64):

... in some places, there is a longer transverse reave, which is used as an east-west boundary by several fields, so that it is locally dominant over axial reaves. In other cases, the axial reaves are dominant ...
But FAIK this opinion might well be outdated now ...

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