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A few years ago, I spoke of an important discovery that had been made concerning the 'Pyramid Complex' at Giza, as well as other monuments around the world.This was the deciphering of both an unknown language and a map, which are of a type unlike anything else.Since they are both 'written' in stone.

Since then i have managed to understand a further 3 maps, as well as the discovery of a 2nd Sphinx and another Pyramid that is related to the 'pyramid complex' at Giza.

The 3 stone maps provide geographical locations for an ocean, a continent where this culture had its centre and the third one is the entrance to what is determined to be a vast mega metropolis built underground so long ago.

The 2nd Sphinx is colossus in its size. But more important is the fact that this is the real original one.

You have the smaller sphinx at the pyramid complex at Giza that sits above the smaller city complex below it. This other sphinx, massive in its size exits in another part of the world, sits above a larger, more enormous complex that lies beneath it.

If you put all the maps together, among other things, then the surface area of this culture extended to four continents and three oceans of the globe.It is this culture whom i believe to be the builders of the Giza Complex at the centre of the world for some future purpose or reason, sometime between 15,000 BC and 70,000 BC.

It was also believed by this culture that the solar system had been born as a double or triple star system, instead of a single star.I am still deciphering why they singled this planet out as being different from the other ones.

It was understood that even during the birth of the 'Ashtok' language the ' Pyramid Complex,' housed the knowledge which was necessary to teach civilizations about all of this, but more importantly ' how to search underground for an ancient treasure of the snow,' capable of help during a catastrophe, famine, etc.

There is a lot more to the findings i have uncovered so far and am still working out how it all goes together.

I would like to say hi to everyone again and graham and the team.Thankyou all and i look forward to any replies.

But if someone who is a bit more sciency than i am can give an answer to my question i would appreciate any comments given.

Here goes then. Is it possible for a pyramid(s) tap into a form of biogenic energy in order to produce a stable artificial octa-hypersphere. So it would be able for a person to navigate the exact location of this collapsed ' event horizon ' ?

Thank You once again.

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