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Thank you all for that. Good to know. What the hell is going on down there? Is the whole thing run by complete imbeciles? Maybe it is as "Open mind" says... LOL! To be serious it scares me and when listening to Graham, how easy it is to bribe the guards, it gets even more creepy. I am following a trail which has lead to the conclusion that they also are ruining the original purpose of the G1 pyramid. Take the great step at the top of the grand gallery. They have "fixed it" so that there is no depression in it. From what I have gathered it was supposed to be that way. As Linda Scheele said about restorations: Don´t restore anything that wasn't there. Wasn´t there a slab of, what could have been, melted stone on the floor in the "kings" chamber? Were is it now? If anyone has a picture or a link with a picture on it I would be grateful. The "kings" sarcophagus could might as well be called the kings broken bathtub, which I believe it actually represents. Yes, the broken off pin mystery is very interesting as well, but everything seems to be very poorly conducted down it all was run by a bunch of psychotic monkeys fighting over a banana.

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