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It's astonishing to think that we can travel to the moon, send probes to Mars (another vast topic of discussion), but we can not access the Pyramids of Brazil! I too am interested in what will be discovered there. Chris(?) Dunn wrote a book on the great Pyramid @ GIZA. He has identified what are unmistakable tool marks on the so called sarcophagus in the King's chamber. Not tool marks created by copper chisels, but mark of circular core drilling. The precision is unbelievable and, to this day, can not be duplicated. This, coupled with the known resonant qualities of the grand gallery and some other ponderous features of this ancient structure, have led Dunn to draw an amazing conclusion as to the purpose of this enigmatic structure.
Let me say first that I believe that Pyramids served many purposes. They may have been ritual. They may have been built to encode some important message. Most of all, I am convinced that they served some practical function. Dunn suggests that the pyramid @ Giza was intended to be a machine, quite possibly a power plant, fueled by the resonant vibrations of the planet. It's geographic location upon the planetary energy grid (I'm not sure what this is called but it is easily verifiable), may have been deliberate so as to harness some power source such as resonant vibration. It is also known that many ancient structures were built along the same parallel. While Dunn's theory is astonishing and he leaps to several conclusions, I believe he has come the closest to the primary purpose of the Pyramid @ Giza.
Resonance is a remarkable thing. IF the ancient builders "floated" the megalithic stones, IF the walls of Jehrico came tumbling down upon the sounding of a horn, if ED Leedskalnin could build his remarkable stone city by himself (he claims to have known the secrets of the Egyptian builders), then only through resonance and/or the tapping of some energy grid could any of this have been achieved.
Science has failed us. Not because we haven't tried to understand the laws of nature, but because we continue to view thins "inside the box". We continue to disregard modern theories because they don't fit conventional wisdom. The science of the ancients was vastly greater then the current state of wisdom. The ancients build with stone because they understood that stone was enduring. What monuments of our modern epoch will survive the test of time? The history of civilization on this planet is infinitely older then we could possibly imagine. When we accept this, as did the Egyptians, Myans, Summerians, Hopis, etc., etc., then we will begin to unlock the mysteries of the ancient builders.

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