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in the first place i would be very greatfull when someone would riminde me where is the passage where is mentioned that some pharao complained about the brushes, havyness of the helm/crown.
as i was reading the kybalion i found the passage regarding the altering of almost everything through/by the minde. along with a report from a german researcher in the nano-tecnology, i posed myself the question : to obtain this results, you must aplify your thoughts. (as i heard in a trip in eastern europe from a old man that ghost or vampire seeings have decreased on belong of the electricity) . So i concluded that in past eventually the pharaos have had such a item, an amplifier. regarding the energy, if going along with the hermetica and the kybalion we are surrounded by energy.

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the pharaos helm/crown a nano amplifyer 581 gordonx99 14-Mar-17 14:31
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