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So what i would like to know is is there any online lists of each of the 5 names of the Pharaohs? I mean eg list of all the known Horus Names of all dynasties, and same with the other 4 names. And/or table of pharaohs giving the known the 5 names? I couldn't find any in web/net searches a year or so ago. It is rather a pain having to look up each pharaoh/king.
(Likewise with the main king lists, any tables with lists. Though with the king lists at least there are a few sites giving the lists in separate pages.)
If not then perhaps everyone could pitch in to collate one here, picking a dynasty each, since takes ages to do all 33 dyns. Though only problem with this is we won't know who careful not to make mistakes the people have been unless able to check/confirm refs.
The 3 most obscure/mysterious periods seem to be predynastic/protodynastic "00-0" dyns, 2nd-3rd dyns, FIP (7th-10th dyns).

4th Dynasty:

Senefer/Snef(e)ru BN/SR/CN TN/pn GH TKL23 SKL16 KKL2 AKL20 MKL26
/ "Soris/Sharu/S(a)urid MKL28"?
nisutbity Neb-maat Nebty NN
(Hor-)Nebmaat HN1
(Hor-)Nebmaat Snefru HN2
Biknebu GH
"the Beneficent King" nn
"rises in glory/north" / Nth / Red / Dahshur PN1
"rises in the south" / Sth / Bent / Dahshur PN2
kha / 'Djed Sneferu' / Meidum PN3
Seila PN4?

(Khnum-)Khuf(u)/khufwey/Cheops BN/SR TN GH SKL17 AKL21 HKL
/ (Noh-)S(o)uphis/Shufu MKL29 / [Saophis Comastes EKL]?
/ [Reufu?]
Medjeru/Medjedu/Mezdau HN
Nebty-r-medjed NN
Bikwynub/Bikujnebu GH
name lost TKL24
Akhet/Khut "(K's) horizon"/"lights" / Great / Giza PN

Djedef-re/Redejdef/Ratoises/rayosis/Rhatceses BN/SR TN SKL18 AKL22 GKL3 MKL30/32 EKL
(Hor)Kheper HN
Kheperimnebti NN
Bikjunebu GH
- TKL25
"D's starry sky" AbuRoash PN1; Zawyet el Aryan PN2?

Rakhaef/Khafra/Chephren/Chabryes BN/SR TN SKL19 AKL23 GKL4 HKL / ..kha.. TKL26
S(o)uphis 2 MKL30/31 EKL
Userib/Usrem HN
Userimnebti NN / [nebty] hotpere NN
(Netjernub)sekhem GH
a?.? / [Ao?] / Wer/Ur "K is great"/"the Great" / 2nd / Giza PN


Baka(re) BN / Bicheris/Bikheres MKL32/33 / Baiyres EKL
(-) TKL27
"star of ?-ka", Unfinished Nthern Pyr, Zawyet el'Aryan PN.

Ramenkau/Menkaura/Mencheres/Mycerinus BN/SR TN AKL24 MKL31/33 HKL / Moscheres EKL
(Hor-)Khaket/Kakhe(t) HN/(TN?)
KaNebty NN
Netjerbiknebu GH
- TKL28 SKL20
kh.r.pyramid? / Her "high" / Netjery "(M. is) Divine" / 3rd / Giza PN

Shepses(kaf) BN/SR TN AKL25
Rasebekka/Sebe(k)-ka-re / Sebercheres MKL34
Shepseskhet HN/(TN?) / NN
Shepse-Nebty NN
- TKL29 SKL21
?.? / Qebeh "cool" / Mastabat el Fara'un / Sth Sakkara (near Dahshur) PN

Ptahdjedef/Djedefptah / Thamp(h)this MKL35
Aimhetep TN / "Imhotep?"
(-) TKL30 SKL22/23/24


"PN" personal name
BN/SR/CN = Birth Name / Son of Re
TN/NB/CN = Throne Name (1st)
'pn' = prenomen
HN/SN = Horus Name/Serekh Name (0 dyn, bef 4th)
/ SN = Seth Name (2nd)
/ H&SN = Horus & Set Name (2nd)
GN/GH/HG/GHN = Golden Horus name (1st, MK)
NN = Nebty Name (1st, 12th)
CN = Cartouche name (4th, 5th)
PN/BP = Pyramid Name / Burial Place
PS = Palermo Stone k list
AKL = Abydos k list
SKL = Sakkara K list
TKL = Turin K List
KKL = Karnak K List
MKL = Manetho/Greek
JA = Africanus
AR = Apollonius Rhodius
GS = Syncellus
HKL = Herodotus/Greek
FJ = Josephus
JKL = Jerome
EKL = Eratosthenes
BSKL = Sothis

Mercy Yhwh/Yeshua, save me from bad humans (forcing fluoridated water, etc), & my own sin, & from the devil.

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