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Merrell Wrote:
> If you didn't read it properly, then, no, you
> probably wouldn't have.

I did.

And it's better to stick to what the papyri actually say.

Papyrus A

Section AI:

Day 4: Cast off from Tura, morning sail downriver towards Akhet-Khufu, spend the night.
Day 5: Cast off from Tura in the afternoon, sail towards Akhet-Khufu.
Day 6: Cast off from Akhet-Khufu and sail upriver towards Tura.
Day 7: Cast off in morning....
Day 8: Cast off in the morning from Tura, sail downriver towards Akhet-Khufu, spend the night there.
Day 9: Cast off in the morning from Akhet-Khufu, sail upriver, spend the night.
Day 10: Cast off from Tura, moor in Akhet-Khufu.

AI tells us nothing more than Merer is making daily trips back and forth from Tura to Akhet-Khufu. No mention of either loading or unloading stone at this point.

Section AII:

Day 11: Inspector Merer spends the day with [his phyle in] carrying out works related to the dyke of [Ro-She] Khuf[u...].
Day 12: Inspector Merer spends the day with [his phyle in] carrying out works related to the dyke of [Ro-She] Khufu.
Day 13: Inspector Merer spends the day with [his phyle? ...] the dyke which is in Ro-She Khufu by means of 15? phyles of

Day 14: [Inspector] Merer spends the day [with his phyle] on the dyke [in/of Ro-She] Khu[fu…].
Day 15: […] in Ro-She Khufu […].
Day 16: Inspector Merer spends the day […] in Ro-She Khufu with the noble? […].
Day 17: Inspector Merer spends the day […] lifting the piles of the dy[ke …].
Day 18: Inspector Merer spends the day […]
Day 19: [...]
Day 20: [...] for the rudder? [...] the aper-teams.

Though AI is completely ambiguous other than Merer making the daily trips, AII makes it quite clear he is engaging his work gangs in "carrying out works related to the dyke of Ro-She Khufu" for at least several days.

As an aside we are left to question is what and where is Ro-She Khufu?

Papyrus B

Section B I:

[Day 25]: [Inspector Merer spends the day with his phyle [h]au[ling]? st[ones in Tura South]; spends the night at Tura South.
[Day 26]: Inspector Merer casts off with his phyle from Tura [South], loaded with stone, for Akhet-Khufu; spends the night at She-Khufu.
Day 27: sets sail from She-Khufu, sails towards Akhet-Khufu, loaded with stone, spends the night at Akhet-Khufu.
Day 28: casts off from Akhet-Khufu in the morning; sails upriver <towards> Tura South.
Day 29: Inspector Merer spends the day with his phyle hauling stones in Tura South; spends the night at Tura South.
Day 30: Inspector Merer spends the day with his phyle hauling stones in Tura South; spends the night at Tura South.

Here Merer and his crew haul and load stone on the boat and leave for Akhet-Khufu spending the night at "She-Khufu" ["Ro-She" Khufu?]. I find this interesting as in AI Merer has no problem going back and forth to Akhet-Khufu on a daily basis, but in this case when loaded with stone he needs to stay the night at "She-Khufu". The farthest Tura quarry is only 10 miles away leaving us to wonder why this is necessary when the next day with a ship loaded with stone he is able to spend the night at Akhet-Khufu.

Section B II:

[First day <of the month>]: the director of 6 Idjer casts of for Heliopolis in a transport boat-iuat to bring us food from Heliopolis while the Elite (stp-sȝ) is in Tura.
Day 2: Inspector Merer spends the day with his phyle hauling stones in Tura North; spends the night at Tura North.
Day 3: Inspector Merer casts off from Tura North, sails towards Akhet-Khufu loaded with stone.
[Day 4...]: the director of 6 [Idjer]u [comes back] from Heliopolis with 40 sacks-khar and a large measure-heqat of bread-beset while the Elite hauls stones in Tura North.
Day 5: Inspector Merer spends the day with his phyle loading stones onto the boats-hau of the Elite in Tura North, spends the night at Tura.
Day 6: Inspector Merer sets sail with a boat of the naval section (gs-dpt) of <the phyle of> Ta-ur, going downriver towards Akhet-Khufu. Spends the night at Ro-She Khufu.
Day 7: sets sail in the morning towards Akhet-Khufu, sails towing <the boats> towards Tura North, spends the night at […]
Day 8: sets sail from Ro-She Khufu, sails towards Tura North. Inspector Merer spends the day [with a boat?] of Ta-ur? […].
Day 9: sets sail from […] of Khufu […].
Day 10: [...]

A load of stone is taken to Akhet-Khufu. Interesting that it makes the distinction now of loading stone onto the "boats-hau of the Elite" leaving us to question who are these "Elite" and why is this important to know?

They leave Tura and spend the night at Ro-She Khufu, a "dyke", which tells us it is located somewhere between Tura and Akhet-Khufu.

Section B III

[Day 13...]: She-[Khufu] […] spends the night at Tur]a South.
[Day 14...]: [...hauling] stones [... spends the night in] Tura South.
[Day 15...]: Inspector Merer [spends the day] with his [phyle] hauling stones [in Tura] South, spends the night in Tura South.
[Day 16...]: [Inspector Merrer spends the day with] his phyle loading the boat-imu (?) with stone [sails …] downriver, spends the night at She-Khufu.
[Day 17...]: [cast off from She-Khufu] in the morning, sails towards Akhet-Khufu; [sails … from] Akhet-Khufu, spends the night at She-Khufu.
[Day 18]: [...] sails [...] pends the night at Tura <South>.
[Day 19]: Inspector Merer] spends the day [with his phyle] hauling stones in Tura [South ?].
Day 20: [Inspector] Mer[er] spends the day with [his phyle] hauling stones in Tura South (?), loads 5 craft, spends the night at Tura.

More of the same, but of interest is that in one day he is able to sail from "She-Khufu" to Akhet-Khufu and apparently unload the cargo and sail back to She-Khufu.

Section B IV:

Day 21: [Inspector] Merer spends the day with his [phyle] loading a transport ship-imu at Tura North, sets sail from Tura in the afternoon.
Day 22: spends the night at Ro-She Khufu. In the morning, sets sail from Ro-She Khufu; sails towards Akhet-Khufu; spends the night at the Chapels of [Akhet] Khufu.
Day 23: the director of 10 Hesi spends the day with his naval section in Ro-She Khufu, because a decision to cast off was taken; spends the night at Ro-She Khufu.
Day 24: Inspector Merer spends the day with his phyle hauling (stones? craft?) with those who are on the register of the Elite, the aper-teams and the noble Ankhhaf, director of Ro-She Khufu.

I find it interesting that there is a "She-Khufu" and a "Ro-She Khufu" which implies they are not exactly the same place though seemingly part of a single larger complex.

Merrer spends the night at the "Chapels of [Akhet] Khufu" which leaves us to wonder where and what these are. Here we are first introduced to the infamous "noble Ankhaf, director of Ro-She Khufu". Again it distinguishes between regular phyle workers and "those who are on the register of the Elite".

Section BX:

More of the same, nothing of interest.

Section BY:

More of the same, nothing of interest.

Tallet's summary:

Despite the repetitive and fragmentary nature, these two logbooks, which present a probably continuous
record of the activities of Merer’s phyle over a period that might stretch from three to five months, are of exceptional historical value. They provide unique testimony, even if indirect, of the construction of an extraordinary monument, that is, the great pyramid of Cheops and the ensemble of associated installations. This monument is clearly being created at the very moment these documents are being written, and the person who holds the reed pen, probably Inspector Merer himself, is undoubtedly an eye-witness to the works in question. Unfortunately, there is no mention of the construction techniques that were employed, which are at present the object of passionate and contradictory debates.

No. Sorry. There is nothing stated or implied that suggests the stone Merer is hauling is related to the construction of G1. This may be the case, but the fact is we don't know and personally I find the overt ambiguity related to what the stone was used for at Akhet-Khufu a bit disconcerting relating to whether it was actually used for G1. I also find it odd there is not a better accounting of how many blocks are being hauled per day as meeting a quota would seem to be part and parcel of the operation. Merer has the wherewithal to note how many sacks of supplies were brought or how many workers in the phyle, ect, but not how many blocks were loaded that day? Maybe Merer just loaded his ship with as much as he could per day and it was logged at the unloading point, but somewhere this would have been required.

While these diaries are about as interesting as watching paint dry, of note is the complex of "Ro-She Khufu", an apparent administrative and staging complex utilized when travelling from "Tura North". Regarding the difference between "She-Khufu" and "Ro-She Khufu" Tallet says:

Thus, the temple of the king’s valley most probably opened onto an immense artificial lake, the trace of which can still be read in the present topography of the region, and which might in particular explain the use of the recurrent terminology in these logbooks, She-Khufu, “Cheops’ pool”. The term is sometimes explicitly developed into She Akhet-Khufu “the pool of the Horizon of Cheops”, and Ro-She Khufu “the entrance to the pool of Cheops”. Ro-She Khufu is, as we have seen, regularly used as a staging post for the teams when coming from Tura North. It is also an administrative centre under the direct control of Cheops’ half-brother, Ankhhaf, who was then vizier and in charge of all the king’s works, and
thus the pyramid building site.
[emphasis mine]

Ro-She Khufu would have been a substantial operation and quite the complex which we can only hope one day will be discovered. Given ships were able to moor directly at Akhet-Khufu it is interesting to consider why the facility was needed and what its greater purpose was.

Another item of interest to me is the distinction of the group know as the "Elite". Who are they?

Regardless, a nuanced approach must be taken with these diaries as the fact is they tell us literally nothing related to the construction of G1. Stone was brought to Giza from Tura yet for what purpose we do not know which may have been for G1, but also not, which given the ambiguity of the diary I suspect it was for something else like mastabas, for example, which used limestone from Tura as well as did the satellite pyramids.

Also of importance, the Merer diary specifically refers to "Akhet-Khufu" numerous times which would be interesting to know the exact spelling as some incarnations did not appear until the end of the 5th Dynasty.

I find it odd that Merer notes working on Ro-She Khufu for several days, a shipyard/harbor apparently, yet not one word about where the limestone is going at Giza the least of which the pharaoh's "tomb".

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...In a Million Years. 315 cladking 13-Mar-17 17:36
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