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cladking Wrote:
> I've said this before but it might bear repeating.
Considering you repeat everything endlessly - it probably doesn't!
> Yes. I made up every single part of my theory
> that was composed solely from evidence, logic, and
> assumption that all men make perfect sense.

That is a pretty wild assumption many men and women are completely nuts

> stole many ideas and parts of the process and the
> key was a trick any student who forgot to study
> for an exam would know; deducing word meanings
> through context and statistics.

You just made up meaning that you liked. If it is otherwise you can demonstrate that by writing up a detailed study that demonstrates that - of course we both know you will never do that because the other thing comes from hour imagination

I've stolen so
> much from so many people I have no clue what I
> made up and what someone else made up.
> The reality that is escaping people is that stones
> were pulled straight up the sides of five step
> pyramids using water that came from a carbonated
> aquifer and this is all attested in the physical
> evidence and in the Pyramid Texts which are merely
> the ritual read to the crowds at ascension
> ceremonies.

That isn't reality that is what you made up

This isn't understood because it was
> written in an ancient language that can't be
> translated into English.

Yet you cannot read the ancient language and just make up new meaning while READING THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE TRANSLATION LOL

All of history follows
> and all of pre-history lies right inside the time
> capsule know as the Great Pyramid behind the
> thermal anomaly on the east side.

Chuckle, ah yeah, ah Cladking you made that up.....

> They are too chicken to examine it further or
> release the results which will all support my
> theory.

So you keep telling us - just so when they don't find it you can claim they are hiding it from you
> It's just that simple.

Simple is the key word yes
> If you think I'm running from anyone or any fact
> then you are confused.

You spend most of your time running from your assumptions and the simply fact that after 11 years you have nothing to support any of this.

No I will answer none of
> the nonsensical things that come from the
> individual who "caught me" making stuff up.

Here are a limited list of your assumptions:

Cladking assumptions:

#1: Your first assumption that water was used to lift stones - you have yet to provide evidence that this occurred. Yet you continue to assume they did despite a lack of said evidence.

#2: Your assumption that you have special powers of insight and can determine what the PT actually means - when you cannot read the underlying language and lack basic knowledge about the culture and religion (assumption #2a denial of the ancient Egyptian religion)

#3: Your assumption that the PT is a construction manual placed in Pharaoh Anas' tomb 150 years after the pyramids were built.

#4: Assumption that any mention in the PT about water is somehow related to the geyser lifting system you imagine but have no proof of.

#5: Assumption that water was the key ingredient to everything, not in irrigation but architecture. You are unable to process the idea that there is no sign of geysers at Giza.

#6: Assumption that the quarry dug partially around Djoser's pyramid enclosure has something to do with your water fantasy.

#7: Your greatest assumption is that you think no one is aware of your blatant displays of intellectual dishonesty and refuse to provide evidence in support of it. If you had evidence you would have provided it - but you don't which is a clear sign said evidence doesn't exist.

#8: Finally your assumption that you can translate a language you cannot read is beyond ridiculous that one items pretty much derails all your pretense to being scientific.

#9: Assumption is that if you just keep saying the same thing over and over again that somehow the lack of evidence will not be noticed and your ideas accepted.

#10: Most baffling of your assumptions is that you firmly believe your opinions are facts.

#11: A claim to have debunked ramps and yet you never link to where you did this - on the assumption if you keep ignoring the need to answer it - it will go away

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