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regarding the bucket of consciousness and the transmission of wisdom . .

This is an interesting article, the attention to detail might increase, as Anu would be depicted with 6 horns in accord with his godly number.

If Ananda Bosman is correct, then this oft repeated tableau is the granting of wisdom by those who carry the "LIVING" plant intelligence in the form of an ethenogenic compound in the bucket --- and dipping the pineal or eye of wide sight into the bucket, they offer this to the subject of the image.

I think we may find that this proposed meme of accepting wisdom from the plant teachers will link back to the Sarasvati River Civilization, which had a deep understanding it seems of geometries (?? ... and vector math ... yet to be confirmed, is the particular recording methodology of this culture, but it is being excavated in part at this time).

The Sarasvati River Culture exported electrum to Egypt and had room temperature (?) High Spin elements. At least not super cooled elements! O.R.M.E.s elements are apparently a by product of the manufacture of Electrum with electricity from batteries like the Bhagdad battery.

The 108 Plant Teachers seem to be tied to the grapevine//phone line of 8 cycles per second, which can pass through not only Ormus, but though a faraday cage as well, and it seems to do this by Orthorotating Through these difficult spaces, tying itself "possibly" to the other dimension which Ormus are known to hold, that space where 44% of their normal mass goes when they are sublimated under argon gas at high temperature in an enclosed crucible.

[] ... sublimation of gold with pdf.

The plant teachers arrived in the ship (STAR SHIP, SUN SHIP) with Soma Raja ... per the Rig Veda.
There are 107 + King Soma, which may well be the 54 Asura and the 54 Deva of the Ankor Temples, churning the milky ocean (milky way galaxy???).

I would still offer the hypothesis that each of these Apkallu represents at least one planet where the teacher is found, and where the knowledge is baseline, thus a reservoir of life to uphold the knowing or knosis.

Soma Raja considered to be the wild rue plant.
[Peganum Harmala]

That these plant chemicals activate the endogenous retro transposons generally located in the thymus tissues (immune tissues), is also demonstrated, the LSD_25 Research indicates that the brain is rewired to have better memory and to have better correlational ability. This research is all pre 2009, so I suspect it has enlaged in the following years.

Dip the pineal_pinecone into the entheogen and teach . . . Could it be this is what we tap into when we go mental questing?

All this perspective is given from the 22 YouTube videos of Ananda Bosman for the 2009 Ethnogens Conference!

Thanks to Mr. Bosman and his consideration of the mol'_u_kules of ethnogens and brain chenistry.


For some reason I cannot get the link function to work more than one time! . . . :-)

Breath is the courser and
Mind is the rider.

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