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To be fair, we must ask, has our civilization known this all along?

Is the Ethnogen Push an agenda to bring lost sheep back into the galactic fold?
Are we fighting for Earth as a free planet in a war few win?

Or ... is all of the Milky Way one big happy family?

I sometimes think the war like posture is a front for broadcast to ET ... a hands off kind of thing.
The problem is, the actions do contaminate our world, change our species outlook, and possibly lead to changes in DNA itself, adaptive change to cope with harsh and unreasonable situations?

So this is why I ask ... Is this a wise course, or is the common wisdom of avoidance correct?
How could we determine?

But here in Colorado it seems I have been designated a persona non grata, a person who should not be spoken to ... not be seen, not be heard.
What do they say about me?

When one is deaf and blind on the inner levels, it is not easy to make out (visualize) the world.
You learn that the only safe place is the one you sit in alone.
You cannot tell friend from foe, and so I force all away because I have been hurt so very many times!

I have been down this road before -- (no one wants anything to do with you) ...
It means they are going to try to take over my life again. ... The ugly 'lady' is going to steal my face again.

Ugly, ugly beings tied into my personal quantum sheet ... isolate then enslave .... rather be dead, no joke. ....

So, we'll see how it goes. Bear up, be brave, one day at a time.... one day at a time.
Write the next book ... write, write, write, but I digress ... I digress ... sorry, off topic ...

Happy Summer it's almost here ... almost.
Trees are greening, people are mowing lawns, sprinklers are watering, and shorts have been seen in many locations!

And, the new climate systems seem to be being worked out ... we have not had this much constant or nearly continual wind in my living memory ... which is over 50 years!

Still it is likely necessary for breaking the drought in California, which has now brought precipitation seriously over the top!!

Breath is the courser and
Mind is the rider.

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