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George Grey made a comparison between the great Polynesian explorer Maui and King Arthur.

Tennyson's Idylls of the King.

"For there was no man knew from whence he came;
But after tempest, when the long wave broke
All down the thundering shore of Bude and Ross,
There came a day still as heaven, and then
They found a naked child upon the sands
Of wild Dimdagil by the Cornish sea."

And that was Arthur; and they fostered him.

Grey recounts the story of Maui.

'I knew I was born at the side of the sea, and was thrown by you into the foam of the surf,
after you had wrapped me up in a tuft of your hair,
which you cut off for the purpose:
then the seaweed formed and fashioned me,
as caught in its long tangles the ever-heaving surges of the sea rolled me,
folded me as I was in them,
from side to side;
at length the breezes and squalls which blew from the ocean drifted me on shore again,
and the soft jelly-fish of the long sandy beaches rolled themselves round me to protect me;
then ...... there my great ancestor, Tama-nui-ki-te-Rangi, and he .......stripped off the encircling jelly-fish, and behold within there lay a human being;

then he caught me up and carried me to his house.....saved alive by the kindness of that old man.


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