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I was having this debate about the 12 battles of Arthur on Historum again in the last few weeks and they have just now unfairly banned ("suspended") me again ("for multiple accounts", because they refused to answer me when i asked whether i could come back or not after they unfairly suspended me over a year ago), so i have to find some other forum/s to post the evidences on the 9 battle sites of Arthur. (There are not anymuch very good history forums on the net/web.)

(I haven't searched past posts here on this but i doubt any/many topics already on this.)

Our discovery was that the 12 battles 9 battle sites of Arthur in the 'Historia Britonum' of "Nennius" match 8 of the 9 Saxon Shore forts of the Notita Dignitatum from Yarmouth to Portsmouth (plus 1 site in between). We also found that the Pa Gur's 9 battle sites also match the same HB & ND/SS & modern sites, plus the battle list of Gwallawg in Taliesin also seemingly maybe matches.

# HB/Nennius - ND/SS - modern sites - PG - Gwallawg/Taliesin?
1 Glein - Garianonum - Burgh - Tribruit 1 - Lleenawg?
2 Dubglas - Othona - Bradwell - Eidyn 1 - Eidyn?
3/4 Bassas - Regulbium - Reculver - Afarnach - Aeron?
4/3 Celidon - n.a. - Coldrum - Celli - wood Beit?
5/6 Guinnion - Dubris - Dover - Eidyn 2 - Arddunion?
6/5 Legions - Rutupi - Richborough - Dissethach - Gwensteri?
7 Tribruit - Lemanis - Lympne - Tribruit 2 - marsh Terra?
8 Agned/Bregion - Anderida - Pevensey - Ystawinguin - Agathes/Brewyn?
9 Badon - Adurni - Portchester - Mon(a) - Oleddyfein?


Rough ebook thesis paper:


Recently i had posted in my Historum blog a list of possible synonyms for each of the 9 sites.
I had then got the idea that a table for each of the 9 sits would be better way for people to see the many interconnections between matching sites of different Welsh/etc sources/lists which are not easy to show in lists or writing.

This is one on 3rd/4th battle/site Bassas / Reculver which i had intended to post but found been unfairly banned. (Hope the table comes out alright.)

(Apparently i can't past the table in here so see it in similar post at
[] unless the thread disappears as a couple/few others have there occasionally.)

(Historum forum have me mad unfairly banning me, so i am posting this in a few forums.)

Fluoridated water ("kool-aid", wormwood) harms disadvantaged peoples (like i am) lives/health/ability.

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