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Yes there may be links of Biblical Eden with other "paradises" of other cultures, like the Hesperides. But Eden was pre-Great_Flood whereas Hesperides is post-Flood I think? so they might not be the same but only have a link. Eden may have been in Antarctica, while Atlantis was (in Peru/Bolivia) in South America. It may be that after the flood Meskiaggaseir/Asshur went looking for Eden but only settled close "next door" in one of the 4 lands? (4 lands around Eden/Antarctica?)
There have been reversals of west & east in history as testified by Herodotus etc. Orientations of ziggurats, & stonehenge?
The word "east" Kedem can also mean "old" (or origin?) or "front".
Some sources have one garden or pillars in west, and one in east.
I've seen 2 different oriins for word "paradise", one was Persian/Iranian, i can't remember the other. [Also similar to word prds "tradition"?]
On Artus and 666 see here []

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