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From our article on Job (of the Bible) here: []

Is there a possible connection between Egyptian Khufu (4th dyn) and Sumerian/Akkadian Kubau/Kubaba (Kish 3 dyn)?

Kubaba/Kubau 60 & 4(0) = 64/100 yrs (Sumerian King List)
Job 100 & 40 = 140 yrs (Bible)
Jacob(-el) "god/El protect" / "heel/usurp/supplant" 130 + 17 yrs = 147 yrs (Bible)
Khufwey/Cheops "(Khnum) protect" 17 yrs ("63 yrs" in Manetho).
Khaba (3rd dyn)?

"Mighty one of Jacob" (Gen 49, Deut 33).
Khnum-Khufu / Hnmw-hfw / Hwj=f-wj-Hnmw "Khnum protect"

[Is the name Isra-el (or Serach?) possibly linked with se-Ra/sa-Re "son of Ra/Re/sun", or with Sneferu?]

There seems to be a confirmed transposition of Egyptian & Biblical names:
Khufwey/Khufu/Cheops ~ Jacob/James ~ Kocab?
Ra-hotep ~ Potiphera (priest of On in Genesis)?

* Khufu/Cheops (4th dyn) reign length ranges from
63 yrs Manetho, to
50 yrs Herodotus, to
"46 yrs" one modern orthodox theory (of cattle-count?) to
34 yrs Great Pyramid inscription (biennial cattle-count) to
26/27 yrs Dakhla inscription (bienniel cattle-count) to
23 yrs Turin King List, to
17 yrs Great Pyramid inscription (taken verbatim) [matching Jacob in Genesis], to
14 yrs Dakhla inscription (taken verbatim).

Mercy Yhwh/Yeshua, save me from bad humans (forcing fluoridated water, etc), & my own sin, & from the devil.

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