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This is posted in a new thread in order to put together in one place and make easy to see all together all the points that we posted in a number of posts in the other "who was Khufu" thread ( [] ), which are all swallowed-up and split-up by lots of posts before and between and after them.

A recapitulation list of a number of our major evidences that Joseph was in the 3rd(-4th) dynasty for, and for our Khufu = Jacob match.
(Any few weak/wrong/dumb ones do not mean the others are wrong. Any still seeming problems/difficulties have to be objectively thoroughly checked for possible answers.)

The Sphinx (being there in Khufu's reign) seems to match (Jacob's prophecy about) (the Lion of) Judah in Gen 49 (&/or Joseph's head in Gen 49). (Either it was theirs originally or possibly they may have adopted/adapted/recarved it). (See the other Khufu thread post for more details.)

Khufu/Khufwey/Cheops/Souphis/Saophis/Hwjfw(j) name seems to match Jacob/Yakov name.
Khufu reign/rule "17 yrs" matches Jacob in Goshen "17 yrs". (See the other Khufu thread post for more details.)

Khufu's number of sons is almost exactly same as Jacob's number of sons. (See [] and wiki.)
(Khufu's sons names may match the biblical names, or the meanings may match the 12 in Gen 49, or they may be pseudonyms, or may be mistransliterated?)
Khufu's "rather large family" matches Jacob's.
Khufu's 2/3/4 spouses matches Jacob's 2/4 spouses.

They admit in one article that Sneferu & wife only "most possibly" Khufu's father and mother.

All the mastabas/etc around Khufu's Great Pyramid (and not around the other 2) may be Israelites around Jacob/Israel?

Pyramid(s) may be hinted at in Genesis 49 (and Deut 33)?
The word mastaba/mastebah (spelling?) is found in Old Testament.

The (Grand Gallery of the) Great Pyramid may be model of Jacob's Ladder?

(The Step Pyramid recalls Jacob's Ladder?)

The account of Cheops'/Khufu's daughter in Herodotus sounds like Dinah daughter of Jacob in bible?

Djedef-re(-ankh) seemingly might be Joseph/Paneah? (His picture certainly looks/feels/seems like it to me.)

Djedef-hor might possibly be Judah?

Khefre/Chephren might possibly be Ephraim?

Menkaure/Mycerinus might possibly be Machir, or Manasseh, or Benjamin?
(3 small pyramids beside Menkaure's might match 3 sons of Benjamin in Chronicles 7?)
Minkhaf might be Manasseh?

Shepseskaf may possibly be either Sheresh(-wa/et-Peresh), Shephuphan/Shupham/Shuppim(-wa/et-Huppim), or or Zelophehad, or Shuthelah, or Sphinx/Sheshepankh?

Hemon/Hemiunu "king's son of his body" may possibly be S(h)im(e)on?

Giza/Gizeh/Er-ges-her "beside the high" (roughly Cairo) seems to match Goshen.
(Or else Sokhem (Latopolis) may match Goshen?)
Josephus said Exodus started from Latopolis.

The shepherd Philitis "lover of righteousness" who dwelt at Giza in 4th dynasty and who Egyptians named the Pyramids there after surely matches Jacob/Israel or Israelites or Joseph.

Pyramid builders closed temples is like Biblical/Judaeo-Christian.
The Greeks saying Egyptians hated the 4th dyn Pyramid Builders is like modern anti-Semitism (and like in 'Exodus').

Khnum/Khnemu/Comastes/Hnmw/Num/Nub/Nu/Nun/Noh ("join", creator/potter/earth god, "red carnelian") of Great Pyramid inscriptions and of Djoser/Zoser drought/famine account may connect with either the Creator, Noah, Levi ("join/twist"), womb (Gen 49), An(u(m))/Ilu/El?

Khufu's body not found or known where matches biblical Jacob.

The name of Set(h)-ka has connection with Set/Seth/Shem.

In the Tales of the Magicians is a story of wife of Uba-aner which is similar to Potiphar's wife story.

One interpretation of Khufu's pyramid name meaning is "lights', and one interpretation of Djedefre's pyramid name meaning is "starry sky", either/both of which might link with Joseph's dream (and Abraham's promise)?

Ra/Re ~ El ~ An(u)?
Djedef-re was first to use 'se-Ra/sa-Re' "son of the sun (god)".
~ Joseph similar to Jesus 'son of El' "son of (the true) God"?

51/52 degrees of the Pyramid recalls jubilees?

Centenarians and 110 yr olders in 3rd-4th dyns and Old Kingdom (eg Djedi 110 yrs old).

150 yrs pyramid builders in Herodotus might link with 147 years Jacob; or might be half of 300 yrs Surid to flood which roughly matches 215 x 2 = 430 yrs Joseph to exodus; or might be 3 generations/jubilees from Joseph to Machir's sons; or might be 110 yrs rounded up; or ~ 17(0) yrs; or 7 x 2 = 14(0) yrs?

106 yrs temples never opened [+ Mycerinus' 6 "more" yrs = 112 yrs?]
might correspond to 110 yrs Joseph died at? (or might be 3 generations? or might be 2 pyramids x 50 degrees?)

There are possible matches for Asenath in the 3rd-4th dynasty including: Sen-nebty (Sekhemhet)? Djeseret-nebti (Sekhemhet)? Achethotep (Ra-hotep)? Arsinoe (Bent Pyramid)? Ash-nini (written in a "predynastic" site)? Sethtet (Rahotep)? "companion of Djedef-re" (Seneb)? Nitocris (Menkaure pyramid)?

Imhotep has some pointed-out similarities with Joseph. (Imhotep graffiti in Sekhemhet complex.)

Sekhemhet (a.k.a Djoserty-ankh) = (Joseph a.k.a.) Zapheanth-paneah/Psothom-Phanech [possibly = Saophis Comastes??].
Sekhemhet('s buried pyramid complex) (beside Zoser's) has lots of similarities with Joseph/Zaphenath-paneah. (See table of matches in our Joseph article at .)
Joseph's gold chain/necklace found in Sekhemhet complex (this is true not "sensationalism").

100 store rooms of Sekhemhet complex may be storehouses of Joseph/
"Grain storage bins" of Step Pyramid complex may be Joseph's storehouses (ref Wyatt)?

Zoser's/Djoser's 7 yrs drought/famine may match Joseph's 7 yrs famine. Wyatt showed matches between the 2 accounts.

Unas'/Wenis' famine scenes (& stores) beside Sekhemhet's & Djoser's pyramid complexes may recall Joseph's &/or Djoser's famine.

Models of granaries in OK tombs recall Joseph's famine.

Surid's dream may match Pharaoh's dream?
Surid's fire and flood may possibly match Joseph's plenty & famine??
Surid 300 yrs before "flood" roughly matches Joseph 400/430 yrs before exodus.

Bent Pyramid may symbolize the 7 yrs plenty & 7 yrs famine? (Lower half steeper/wider & upper half narrower/shallower, bottom rocks big & top stones small, pi 3 & pi 4 (or pi 3.5 half of 7). The area is associated with St Joseph, and not far from "Joseph's canal".

"Ra-hotep/Hotep-re" priest of Heliopolis may match Potiphera priest of On?
"Ra-hotep" leader of warriors of monarch may match Potiphar captain of guard?
(Alternatively/also, the Pa-rin-bara in a "predynastic" site might be Potiphar or Potiphera?)

Name Ramses found in 4th dyn site (ref Hoeh)?
(Some scholars think Rhampsinitis was Redjedef.)

Joseph in 3rd-4th dynasty fits with Abraham in 1st dyn and Moses in 12th dyn (and Shishak in 19th dyn).

Tosorthros has details similar to Joseph (& Moses) (healing, writing, building pyramids, etc).

This 3 ages table
{3 Kdms: OK - MK - NK
3 gods/groups Pan - Hercules - Dionysos
3 Hermes: Set - Shu/Num - Thoth
3 reincarnations: Seth[Shem] - Moses - Samuel}
confirms that Joseph was 3rd-4th dyn, Moses was 12th, and David 18th?

Someone said Cambridge Ancient History said evidence that it was wetter/cooler in Old Kingdom which may fit with Joseph's plenty/famine.

The Sphinx rain marks are post-flood, they could relate to post-flood unstable climate/weather, and/or they could possibly connect with 7 years plenty??

Hebrews were not Hyksos. There is no match for Joseph etc in Hyksos while there is in 3rd-4th dynasty. "Hebrews were 'captive shepherds' not 'king shepherds'". Moses was in 12th dyn; Shishak was in 19th. San tablet saying 400 years Hyksos king to 19th dyn king matches 480 yrs Moses to Solomon.

Orthodox dating methods and ascribed dates are not fact or disproof because they have been shown to be unreliable/wrong. Sekhemhet's pyramid complex dated 600 years older than Egyptology ascribed date of/for Sekhemhet which itself is proven to be 600 years older than his real date.
"The boat of Khufu dates 200 years before egyptolog date of pyramids built."
"Kate Spence's astronomical work says Khufu's pyramid should be dated 50 years the other way from the historical date ... in other words 250 years lower than the radiocarbon date."
(Orthodox Egyptology has quietly slowly reduced over time the date for Menes.)
It is said by orthodox source that “dates of the Old Kingdom may still be upto 3 centuries out”.
Herodotus said Moeris (12th dyn) was only 900 years before [Amasis], which gives a date of ca 1400s bc for 12th dynasty.
Herodotus said Menes was (1)1340 years before Seti, and Josephus said Menes was 1300 years before Shishak, which puts Menes not before 2300 bc, and puts Shishak (900s ad) as either Seti or Ramses 2.
The FIP is a lacuna and it is not known for sure what its true length was.

( Menes' date has ranged from 11340 yrs bc to 5869 bc to 3400 bc to 3100 bc to 3000 bc (Shaw/wiki) to 2300 yrs to 2224 bc.
Zoser's/Djoser's date has ranged from 4900s/4700s bc to 3712/3700 bc to 2900s to c2600s bc.
Khufu's reign has ranged from 13 yrs to 63 yrs (refs Wiki, etc).
Great Pyramid date has ranged from 10000s bc to 2500 bc.
Atlantis date has ranged to 9500 bc to 1200s bc.
SIP/Hyksos period length has ranged from 1660 yrs to 200 yrs to 108/103 yrs (refs SS VanDine, Velikovsky, etc).
Phoenix age has ranged from 7000 yrs to 1500 yrs to 660 yrs to 500 yrs to 400 yrs to 250 yrs (refs JC Cooper, Gerald Massey, etc).
Abraham's date has ranged from to 2300 bc to 1900s bc.
Moses date has ranged from 1600s bc to 1200s bc (refs Oxford, Mercatante, NIV Study Bible, etc).
Antarctica last ica free date was drastically suddenly reduced some years ago (ref Flem-Ath). )

We searched all dynastic Egyptian history and only the 3rd-4th dynasty matches Joseph anymuch; and only the 12th dynasty matches Moses anymuch. (This is not "arguing lack of evidence". The 3rd-4th dyn has strong matches, no other dynasties do.)

Others hava also thought/felt 3rd-4th(-5th) dyn were connected with Hebrews, and some agree with us.
Wyatt/Mohler thought Imhotep (and Ptahhotep) was Joseph.
Some thought Khufu/Souphis was Job, or Joseph.
Some thought Imhotep, or Philitis was Melchizedek/Shem.
Some thought the pyramids were Joseph's storehouses, [or Pharaoh's treasure cities?]
Courville thought Joseph was in time of Unas of 5th dyn.

Table of matched Egyptian-Biblical timelines:
1st dyn -- Abraham (real date 2000s bc?)
3rd(-4th) dyn -- Joseph (real date 1800s bc?)*
12th dyn -- Moses (real date 1400s bc?)
Hyksos ~~ Judges
400 yrs -- 480 yrs
?18th dyn -- David (real date 1000s bc?)?
18th dyn -- Sheba?
19th dyn -- Shishak (real date 900s bc?)
19th (or 20th?) -- Zerah?
25th -- Assyrians
26th -- Josiah,Nebuchadnezzar.

I may not have the time and health etc to do any much more due to my situation and condition, and because i have to stop spending so much time on the computer & net/web, and i have other things i need/want to do, though it may not be easy to not post any more.

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