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Warwick Wrote:
> would have to possess the knowledge to
> some degree, and surmise the knowledge to a great
> degree, to find the knowledge.
> I look at the Alien question in much the same way
> :
> why would they have come here from light years
> away only to teach us how to pile up rocks? They
> certainly wouldn't need those piles to find us
> again.
> Besides.....If you want to leave valuable
> knowledge to future humanity, why in the world
> would you hide it?
> Warwick

I like your basic questions regarding aliens, at least with respect to the early, and most magnificent monolithic pyramids:

    1. "Why would they come here from light years away?"
    2. "Why hide the knowledge?"

But I'm inferring from how you stated them that you don't consider aliens to be a possibility at all. I'm wondering if that's because of assumptions you might be making.

From my perspective regarding "light years away", it's hard to presume how difficult that might actually be depending on the technology0. After all, traveling from New York to London in 6 hours was unheard of 100 years ago. The notion of us conducting this global conversation at GHMB was an impossibility a couple of decades ago. With all the new findings about black holes, wormholes, etc., who's to say whether it might be possible to develop a technology in which taking one physical step across a threshold (or just sitting still and flipping a switch) might transport us light years away in an instant?

Likewise, we don't even know what many of those monuments are (pyramidiots, phryngidiots, and tombidiots notwithstanding), let alone who built them, or why and when they were built.

And so, for example, if aliens are responsible for G1, there's no reason to jump to the conclusion that they came here "only to teach us how to pile up rocks". For all we know, they may simply have used an endogenous species as slave labor to execute the project for their own alien purposes just as the Romans are said to have used Egyptian masons to quarry stone for their own Roman construction projects. It's even possible that "h. sapiens" might not have had anything to do with that construction at all. There isn't anything among the huge volume of ancient artifacts and documentation that indicate the dynastics even acknowledged the existence of G1, let alone that it was "manufactured" by intelligent beings.

Regarding rock piles, I don't presume they piled up rocks so that they could "find us again". But if they did, for all we know they erected G1 for us to ponder until the day that we are able to crack the code and become "worthy" enough to contact them.

Regarding why the information seems "hidden" from us, perhaps the principles that went into that construction simply are still beyond our understanding, just as the average gorilla doesn't quite understand how to light a fire or build a 4-wheel cart. It's not a question of it being "hidden" as much as it being "incomprehensible". In fact, it's logical to assume that an alien species that has the knowledge to navigate between planets wouldn have a far greater understanding of engineering and the laws of the universe than mere humans who barely could get off the ground only 100 years ago. Perhaps whoever built those things never even considered the possibility that a certain hominid subspecies would ever understand anything about them. Whether we ever understand those monuments or not may be the last thing the builders were concerned about.

I believe that we would be wise to consider the distinct possibility that in the alleged 4 billion year history of Earth, there might very well have been far more intelligent problem solvers than modern h. sapiens sapiens at work here.

Sure, there's no real proof of any of that (other than the facts of the enigma), but there's no evidence that contradicts it either, and so it remains a viable hypothesis.

How can any of us ever know, when all we can do is think?

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