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wiki on the unfinished Zawyet el'Aryan, Baka pyramid:


The Unfinished Northern Pyramid of Zawyet el'Aryan, also known as Pyramid of Baka and Pyramid of Bikheris is the term Archaeologists and Egyptologists use to describe a large shaft part of an unfinished pyramid at Zawyet el'Aryan in Egypt. It is dated by mainstream scholars to the early or the mid-4th Dynasty (2613–2494 BC) during the Old Kingdom period. The pyramid owner is not known for certain and most egyptologists, such as Miroslav Verner, think it should be a king known under his hellenized name, Bikheris, perhaps from the Egyptian Baka. On the contrary, Wolfgang Helck and other egyptologists doubt this attribution.

In the past I noticed that the distance between the outer Giza pyramids, Khufu and Menkaure is pretty ,uch equal to the old sky scrapers Chrysler and Empire State of New York city. This got me thinking and then I measured the distance between the unfinished pyramid of Baka and the Khufu pyramid. The length seemed close to the distance between the Empire State building and the North Twin Towers building(now destroyed).

Anybody have any idea what is so important about this length? Looking into the Washington D.C. city layout, there seems to be an equilatera triangle formed more or less with this length as the sides, with corners, the Capital, the Pentagon, and the D.I.A. headquarters. Any ideas?

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