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instead of 9,5 millennia, read the bold as amended:

"The polar wander circle, related to its turnaround in proximity of the EP, implicates Earths axial inclination at min. obliquity, incurring an angle to the tune of 14deg. off the perpendicular. That sector, extending beyond, exceeding the 90° perpendicular, is not a concentric circle but actually a 1/4 arc of the circle, for which the EP is near foci. These values are approximations, therefore any refinement will influence relationships accordingly - exact angle associated with obliquity being sought in that regard and with relevance to the causeways at Giza. Separated at right angles and equidistant from the EP, obliquity is in the order of 24deg. at each perimeter with the min reached midway, when Earth's axis comes closest to 'upright', upon reaching its closest point to the EP. That section of polar wander arc, in-between those two perimeters, represent an era of 6,5 millennia. The greater remainder of that circle, with obliquity ranging from 24 to 58 degrees and back to 24deg. is due to be encountered over the following 19,5 millennia -i.e. 19500/26000 years".

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