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Hi all,

I'm new to the message board, so feel free to offer any comments. Basically, I read this David Icke book: The biggest Secret, which although intrigueing, was quite badly written. However, he did bring up a point about all things having vibrational qualities, and I remember, if my memory serves me correct that even G. Hancock mentioned that when he lay in the open sarcophogus (correct me if I'm wrong!!) in one of the chambers in the pyramid and hummed or something, he could feel the vibrations of the sound being redirected towards him again.

So, however, uncanny it does sound, maybe like shamans who have existed for centuries believing in the ability to understand the past and the future from tapping into a "different" reality, the ancient egyptian initiates used the pyramid like a tuning fork enabling them to reach this other plane of thought. Therefore, behind this door, we will find maybe a book or a chamber with heiroglyphs explaining how this method worked.

Also, just as the sphinx's head seems too small for its body, suggesting it was the work of a previous civilisation to the egyptians, and seeing as the pyramids, sphinx, nile, etc. possibly form a map of the heavens, then whats not to suggest that behind the door lies not what the egyptian pyramid builders put there, but what even thay didn't get a chance to open....the proof of that "missing link" civilisation.

To be perfectly honest, all these romantic thoughts of trap doors and having to wait for the sun to set and hit a certain hole in the wall to lead us in the right direction are probably just the fires still burning of the child within, but I have to agree with the other doubters, Dr. Hawass, and all the others involved in this project, especially the people who own the National Geographic Channel, probably have seen behind the door so as not to set themselves up for a fall.

Here's hoping that the those involved who have the power to inspire millions...haven't ruined it for us the same way other things have been modern man sticking his greedy fingers into pies that he has no right to taste.


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