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No, I very much doubt it. In all probability the door has already been opened. Why would they risk something like this? The Egyptological establishment, for as many years as one could think, has been closed minded to all theories that could change the perception of the Giza pyramids from that of 'Tombs for egotistical tyrannical kings'.

Why then, would they risk (and Hawass in particular) a discovery which has the distinct possibility of changing everything 'known' about the pyramids of Giza? Do you really think they want to do that? Will they simply hold up their hands and say 'Oops!' when the WHOLE WORLD realises they have been wrong for so many years?

The whole idea is absurd.

As for the 'broadcast', yes I believe that the door has already been breached, if not for the ignorance of men like Hawass, then most certainly for the integrity of the National Geographic Channel. Of this point I can be certain - It is only good business. A false discovery would damage the reputation of the National Geographic channel, and it wanting protecting it's assets (asses) is a given in anyone's book.

If the critic in me will permit for a moment, I'd like to say what I think will be behind the door - The benben stone. It is the only logical conclusion for the initiation of the Horus.

Having said this (Just in case I'm wrong of course), the whole thing is a charade.

Buzz Aldrin once found the recipe for a lovely moon-landing-pie, and I fear we are about to get another slice.

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